Innovative import, export solutions for the emerging markets buyers
through vital trade channels
Athena & Co. is an international trading company that pursues projects with the highest quality, in-demand products that are supported by efficient management and distribution networks. In the past several years, we have established a wide network of reputable Agriculture, Medical Devices, and Cosmetics suppliers across North America, Europe, and Australia.

We identify what emerging market buyers value, and then search for sources in the developed world willing to export these products and resources.
Our team of highly trained professionals source items from well-established, reputable producers around the globe. Close relationships built with our suppliers in the past years combined with efficient logistics guarantee that businesses overseas receive a consistent and stable supply of quality products at competitive prices.

Areas of focus include agricultural commodities such as specialty animal feed for equine, dairy, beef and poultry, cosmetics (natural cosmetics and skin care products).